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Baoding balls are used to give an exercise to your arm. If you are going through a therapy to recover the function of your hand, you can use Baoding balls. These balls are recommended by the doctors as well. They are most commonly known as Chinese Balls because they were first manufactured in China.

These balls are small, metal balls which you can easily hold in your palm. You will get two balls in a set. You can rotate them continuously in your palm to give proper exercise to your fingers as well as your arm. This is the very effective method used in a therapy.

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Product information

Material: iron ball (not afraid to fall) (surface plating and no rust)

Size: 55MM, 50MM, 45MM

Packing: high-grade wooden box, length: 145mm, width: 90mm, height: 70mm. Inside the box is a yellow brocade.


Solid single diameter of 55±2MM, weight about 620g per pair (for skilled men)

Hollow single diameter of 55±2MM, weighing about 310g per pair (for advanced men)

Hollow single diameter of 50±2MM, weighing about 500g per pair (for advanced men)

Hollow single diameter of 50±2MM, weight about 280g per pair (for beginners Mr.)

Hollow single diameter of 45±2MM, weighing about 200g per pair (more suitable for beginners Ms.)

Solid single diameter of 45±2MM, weighing about 320g (more suitable for beginners Ms.)

Gift: towel 25×25cm

Product features:

  1. The hollow ball is equipped with a soundboard, rotating ring during rotation, generating micro wave, to promote blood circulation, to dredge meridian has better effect.
  2. Solid silent version is half solid, different from the ring ball, it is no tone, so it is called a solid ball. Moderate weight, suitable for health care.


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