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Patterned Baoding balls

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size: 46mm



Patterned Baoding balls offer great health benefits to its users. This is not just an ordinary stress reliever equipment but also, the best exercise to tone your finger muscles. You will also improve your grip as you will hold Patterned Baoding balls securely. Believe it or not, your forearm muscles will develop firmly and improve your brain function.

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Product Information

Product Name: health balls Chinese balls (Baoding balls)

Material: Cloisonne

Color: black, green, blue, red, etc.

Features: the hollow with ringtone, internal rotation with sound

Diameter: 46mm

Weight: 2 balls, weighing about 160g, Package box weighs about 230g

Pattern: a variety of patterns of random mix

Applicable scene: Family, hotels, hospitals, car, office

The use of methods and effect:

There are two kinds of easy methods for playing baoding balls.

  • Grip the Ball

each holding a ball in both hands, grip the ball firmly at the same time breath deeply, and then again take a deep breath and then let it go. So repeat back and forth for half an hour and a half hours, so it can regulate blood, relieve muscles, If you always insist on the exercise, it has a good effect for the sequelae of hemiplegia, coronary heart disease, finger dysfunction and other diseases.

  • Turn the ball

Hold two balls in one hand, around the turn of the rotation. Moving fingers help to stimulate the brain to brain puzzle, slow brain aging, prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis, frozen.

Maintenance methods

Prevent moisture, keep clean and dry, avoid crashing. You can use waxed, oiled seal preservation when you don’t use it for long term


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