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Chinese Exercise Balls Medicine Balls Health stress ball

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size: 50mm


2 balls per set
Comes in a velour pouch. Colors may vary.

Available Sizes: 50mm
Approximate size by 2mm

Why choose the Baoding balls:

As per the theories of conventional Chinese medicine, even those people who deal with more sophisticated medicinal practices observe some health advantages by the manipulation of the Baoding balls. When the balls are moved around blood circulation is increased in the hands; hence, stiffness, as well as pain related to arthritis in the hands is reduced. It requires lots of concentrated effort to work the balls appropriately without losing control, and this aids you to enhance attentiveness and also dexterity. Furthermore, Chinese Medicine Balls have got a relaxing effect, assisting in promoting relaxation and minimizing stress levels. These can aid to benefit health in the subsequent ways:

  1. Minimized stress
  2. Enhanced memory functioning
  3. Much better sleep
  4. Relaxation of joints and muscles in the hand

As with several alternative therapies, these Chinese Baoding balls have become popular all over the world. For individuals who need assistance with any of the health advantages mentioned previously, the usage of Chinese Medicine Balls might be effective without the need for medicine use and providing the additional advantages of no harmful side effects.



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