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Baoding Balls without pattern

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size: 50mm



Baoding Balls without pattern are mostly made up of iron. They can be hollow or solid. Solid balls tend to have an inner sphere inside an outer shell. These Baoding Balls without pattern ring when the inner ball strikes the outer shell. They are generally weak. They can be broken easily by dropping them onto the floor or rubbing on each other. Therefore, hollow balls are not used for medical exercises. Solid balls are made up of solid jade, agate, marble, and some other types of heavy solid materials. Hollow balls can be used for the beginning stages of the therapy. Solid balls, due to their heavy weight, are used for muscle strengthening.

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Product information

Product Name: Solid iron health balls (Baoding balls)

Packaging: Box (box color random send)

Style: simple and modern

Shape: round

Color: white

Features: This is a solid no ringtone

Size: 50mm

Material: Iron

Weight: about 580g / pair (with box)

Applicable scene: Family, hotels, hospitals, car, office

Advantages and effectiveness

  • Prevent arthritis
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help concentration during meditation
  • Prevent rheumatism
  • improves intelligence and memory 

How To Use Effectively Baoding Balls without pattern

1.Ensure That You Have Two Baoding Balls In One Hand

This is the first step on How to use effectively Baoding balls. Ensure that you hold these two balls firmly, this will draw all your attention to these two balls thus keeping you off the stressing matter.

2. Rotate this ball with your fingers

In order to ensure that you draw all your attention from the stressing problem ensure that you focus on rotating this Baoding balls using your fingers. This will as a result ensure that your finger muscles become stronger and even your hand muscles are also fully flexible. This will help you to perform more tasks better and as a result help you in ensuring full concentration on this exercise with these boarding balls.

3.Roll The Baoding Balls Up And Down Several Times

In order to keep your brain engaged ensure that you play with the Baoding balls using the two hands by switching the balls several times thus making the exercise to look more involving and this will shut away the stress. The Baoding balls will form a certain circular shape. Ensure that you do this exercise usually and several times and this will effectively prove the wonderful exercise worthwhile of stress releaser.


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